Wayne Patten


Wayne Patten


Area of Expertise: Wayne specialises in Business Advisory Services, Taxation Services, Audit Services, Business Evaluations and Due Diligence. Wayne has a two-decade long courtship with the hotels industry, having himself owned pubs, liquor stores and a motel. Wayne heads our Hotels Division, providing expertise he has garnered over years of developing his own and his clients businesses, which offers him enviable experience and knowledge which he happily shares with his clients to grow their businesses.

Qualifications: B Bus Commerce, Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants PS146, Accredited Family Business Advisor, RMLV and RSA

Membership/ Affiliations: QRDA, TASSCO

Career Overview: Wayne holds several positions on Company Boards, and is a sought after International Speaker. Wayne has had experience in Public Practice since 1996, and experience as a Partner/Director since 2002. Beginning his career in Auditing, Wayne honed his skills with business advisory services to help assist clients in their business. A manager of a large accounting firm, Wayne moved to PJT Accountants and Business Advisors to ultimately take on a partnership role. Wayne is a people person and prefers being at the clients premises rather than sitting in an office.

Life outside PJT: Wayne is known for his lead foot which he tries to keep to the race track, owning his own racing team participating in the Saloon Car series. Wayne also enjoys socialising with friends, fishing in his new runabout when he’s on the Coast, and working on his love/hate relationship with golf.

Quote: Live every day as if it is your last.

Queensland Government’s Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence (TAFV) Policy Report

The Queensland Government has welcomed the final report of the independent evaluation of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence (TAFV) Policy.

The two-year evaluation reported a promising decrease in some key measures of alcohol-related harm across Queensland and listed a series of recommendations.

Key recommendations which have been accepted in principle, subject to further consultation include:

Mandatory ID scanning

• Increasing the minimum duration of Queensland Police banning notices from 10 days to one month. • Limiting the amount of time venue-based bans remain on

Managing the Sale Process

Managing the sale process:  On a recent road trip I spoke with a lot of business owners who were in the process of selling. It amazed me that nearly all of these owners had some wonderful ideas about how the new owners could improve the business and what potential their business had.

It’s an interesting comment because whilst there may be potential unless some of that potential is in the profit figures it is usually something a buyer is not willing to pay for – it also raises a very simple

Discounting can kill your Brand

When business is tough, often times they’ll choose to cut prices, hoping that discounting will pull in some quick wins. But discounting has a dark side and one which long-term can really have a negative on your brand equity and the consumers you attract. Here’s why.

You see consumers don’t see discounts as a discounted price – they see these as the product’s true value.  For years now we’ve been educated to think this way by too many large retailers having sale after sale, a different discount strategy every week – which in

Qld Lockout Laws Change Again

The Queensland Government has had another backflip on Lockout Laws due to come into effect on 1 February.

What looks to be changing?

1am lockouts within Safe Night Precinct areas will no longer be implemented on 1 February.
State-wide end of alcohol service is now at 2am unless the venue is within a Safe Night Precinct which ends at 3am.
The number of one-off permits allowing trading until 5am is to be cut from 12 to 6 within Safe Night Precincts and use is limited to “special events” yet to be defined by Government.

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