Trusting staff:   It's something you need to have in your staff, but how far should you take it in your business?

There are a couple of key issues here:

  1. Protection of assets
  2. Risk mitigation

Managing the risks without sometimes bringing productivity to a halt can be a tricky tightrope to balance. But not having some protection over your business and its assets is fraught with danger. We see too many business owners take over the access to the business without enough protection for their investment and it’s not until something goes wrong, that the gaps are evident. So some timely questions and advice from the experienced advisors at PJT to see if your business needs to review your risk situation:


  • What type of computer network or standalone systems are you running?
  • Are your staff controlling the logins, or do you have an overriding Administrator access?
  • Do you give administrator wifi/internet passwords to your staff or do you create guest logins for their use?
  • What antivirus support are you running and is this up to date? Do you run regular software updates?
  • Do you back up your documents regularly (external drive taken off site or backed up to the cloud which only Directors have access to)?
  • Do you have backups of regulatory paperwork which can be easily accessed if needed i.e. Health Approvals, Liquor Licensing Approvals, RSA for on-duty staff, RMLV Certifications etc.

Policies and Procedures

  • Do you have documented policies and procedures for your business?
  • Are they current?
  • Have you inducted staff so they are aware of your policies – have they acknowledged this in writing?
  • Policies should be in place to protect the Directors of the business – without documented policies the Directors could leave themselves personally liable. QHA can give access to a range of policies for a reasonable fee, we encourage all our hotel clients at a minimum to have the QHA procedures implemented even if just a stop-gap measure.


There are a range of specialised business insurance products which may be worth considering beyond building and contents policies:

  • Directors / Officers / Management Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Plant & Equipment Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

If you’re unsure of your needs and the benefits of these types of insurance policies, we can refer you to our brokers for detailed information and quoting.

Marketing / Website / Social Media Accounts

Often things that get overlooked are the marketing and branding aspects of the business such as:

  • Domain ownership ( and website access.
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

These are the public face of your business, and should be treated as assets as they can help you quantify goodwill for your business.

  • Do you know who the admins are on your online assets?
  • Do you have access and ownership of your domain?
  • Do your employees have full admin access to your accounts, and does this need to be changed?

At PJT we recommend that as a minimum, ensure you have your Directors and a trusted Advisor as having administrator access to these accounts, and limit the access of your employees to 'editor' status or similar.

This will prevent a disgruntled employee from locking you out, deleting your sites or loading inappropriate content to your sites which may negatively impact your brand. Unfortunately in many instances once a site has been deleted it’s gone.

If you don’t have anyone tech savvy in your business and you’re a PJT client, we can be added in as a 'backup' administrator to help protect your assets and ensure the right level of access is given to your employees and we can ensure things such as profanity filters are set and you’re targeting the right demographics.

Consider the time and effort which goes in to creating and updating these public faces to your business, and the time it would take to recreate them should the worst happen.

Your business is a big asset and one which carries risk. Limiting that risk is where PJT can help you to manage your exposure and limit any fallout when issues arise. If you’d like to review the risk in your business, give your trusted advisor at PJT a call and we can review your risk management processes.