Get TeamViewer

Teamviewer allows secure remote access by our team to your system, so we can gather the documents we need to complete your financials and tax returns.

You provide us on-the-spot access to your system via secure automatically generated password, and can watch the screen while we work.  It’s also a great tool for training, so we can show you live on screen how to do things on your software.

Once we’re finished, we simply disconnect and you can use your computer as normal.

To use Teamviewer you need to first install the software on your computer.  Click the button below which will take you to the Teamviewer website:


When you're on the Teamviewer website, simply click the green Download button like you see below and follow any prompts to install the Teamviewer program on your computer.


Once installed, launch teamviewer by double clicking on the Teamviewer Icon.


The Teamviewer’s dashboard will open, and looks like the screen below. You give your ID and Password to your PJT Accountant, and they can access your system while they are on the phone with you.  This will establish a secure connection between our systems.


When they are finished you can close the session and we no longer have access to your system. The session is only live while you are active and online with our team. It does not give us permanent access to your system as each session is unique and password controlled by you.

If you have any concerns, contact our IT Department on 07 5413 9300 who will be happy to address any of your issues.