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Accounting software has evolved greatly over the last few years.   Cloud based solutions offer greater flexibility, multiple device compatibility, and cost efficiency with automated bank feeds and low monthly subscription costs.  Added to this the burden to update software has been removed, there are a lot of advantages, which is why PJT is a Xero preferred supplier and partner.


Xero Online Bookkeeping

Xero offers cloud hosted software solution which is very easy to use, and incorporates your data and payroll in one solution.  With automated bank feeds built in to the program, reconciliation becomes much faster and more intuitive as you train the system to recognise repeat purchases.   With its range of Apps, Xero offers the ability to instantly record expenses, and invoice customers on the go right from your mobile device.

Xero offers standard low monthly subscriptions, and you can try Xero free for 30 days to make sure it suits your needs.   PJT can even transfer your data from MYOB or Reckon to Xero, just ask our team for more information or to set you up on a trial.

Xero offers standard subscriptions starting at  $50 per month, and you can try Xero free for 30 days to make sure it suits your needs.   More information is available at the Xero Website.



MYOB has traditionally been desk based accounting software, however now offers cloud based solutions for its software, which is a hybrid software product.  That means the software is still installed on your system, and you can either work on your file in the cloud, or check it out and work offline.   This is really useful when you're working outside of internet range (such as doing your accounts on a plane).  When you're done, you just check the file back in, and it's updated.  You can also take backups on your system just as a safety precaution.

Find out more on the MYOB website.



Like its competitors Reckon has a range of desktop and hosted products.   Based on the Quickbooks range of products, Reckon separated from its parent company Intuit in 2013 to now offer its own standalone range of accounting software.

Find out more and compare products at the Reckon website.

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