Success Stories

At PJT we’re not shy about our success stories, in fact we’re very proud of the work achieved in partnership with our clients.   Here are just a few of the recent successes, rest assured there are many more.


Transport and Logistics Clients Provided ATO Windfall through Fuel Tax Credit Claims

A legal challenge mounted by Linfox Transport Group against the ATO has resulted in a windfall for select PJT clients. PJT has been able to claim back fuel tax credits for several of their clients in the transport and logistics industry.

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PJT Accountants Motor Vehicle Expenses

The Best Way to Buy a Motor Vehicle

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is what is the best place to buy a motor vehicle? With so many things to consider it can be complicated, and made even harder when the sales person keep plugging the emotion and those lucrative tax deductions.

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employer penalties increase

Due Diligence Saves $158K in Tax, Secures Business Ownership

Our due diligence in familiarising ourselves with the clients’ business uncovered some risky share / ownership structures, which devalued the business. PJT made changes to the share and entity structures of the business, which resulted in a tax saving of $158,000 and secured ownership of the business for our client moving forward.

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$300K Tax Savings Achieved

Our client stated during our very early conversations that they appeared to be making money but all they seemed to be doing is paying tax. Because of our experience and expertise in the industry, we were able to correct flaws in their previous financial process. This resulted in cash refund and will ultimately lead them to big tax savings.

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Better Work/Life Balance Achieved

Our client is a family owned business, but fast growth meant there was no quality of life. PJT helped streamline processes, which not only freed the Directors up to achieve a better work/life balance, but it also gave them better insights into their business to drive their decision making.

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Business Expansion, and Succession Plan

Our client operates in the highly competitive mining services sector. The business quickly grew, employing several family members. PJT worked with the business to put a 10 year business plan in place to ensure careful growth and a bright future.

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Business Improves Cash Flow

Our client was struggling with a downturn in the economy. PJT worked with them to identify areas to increase profitability and better manage cash flow. We reviewed and changed their operating structure, and gave them the tools to monitor and manage their profitability.

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IT Client Achieved Increase in Turnover

Our client had been growing but their gross profit and net profit had reduced. We set and monitored KPI's and ensured the team had the right tools to sell and deliver on their services. A change to team roles, pricing structure and debtor procedures saw an immediate increase to cashflow and business performance.

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family owned businesses

Pitfalls Avoided for Hotel Purchase

After many years out of the industry, returned hotelier turned to PJT for assistance in securing their new venture and making the process as fast and trouble free as possible.

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Retiree Capital Gains Win

PJT helped a retiree living abroad to liquidate assets without negative capital gains implications.

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When Sometimes a Loss is a Win for Business

Our client, a regional transport/courier group, is in a renegotiation with their supplier. The suppliers tried to unrealistically reduce contract prices. We produced detailed cost modelling for the client which ultimately arms him with information as to his break even points and profitable margins. In the end, we recommended that he walk away from the tender as pursuing it would mean he'll lose money during the duration of the contract.

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What Clients Say...

  • "PJT has always provided exceptional accounting service and advice relating to business operation, planning, taxation, investment and more."

  • "The principals and staff are always approachable and display a sincerity in your business and situation."

  • "PJT have made our life of running our own business much easier, knowing they are up to date with the latest in tax laws, and happy to help out with any queries we have not matter how small."

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