Trust deeds for a self-managed superannuation fund are a legal document that sets out the governing rules for the fund.

It is important to ensure Trust Deeds are up to date to include the latest legislative changes.

Here is a timeline of the biggest changes in self-managed superannuation fund’s history:

  • 1999 – Conversion of ‘excluded funds’ to ‘SMSF’s, change in preservation and in-house asset rules
  • 2007 – ‘Simpler Super’ reforms
  • 2017 – Sustainable Super reforms

Trust Deeds containing out of date provisions could have an adverse effect on member benefits within the fund.

If your Trust Deed was prepared prior to 2007 and you haven't updated your trust deed we would highly recommend you upgrade your trust deed as there have been significant changes in legislation since this time.

Due to the ever-changing political landscape, PJT would recommend our clients consider upgrading their SMSF Deeds, particularly clients who are close to or currently in pension phase.

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