The Queensland Government has had another backflip on Lockout Laws due to come into effect on 1 February.

What looks to be changing?

  • 1am lockouts within Safe Night Precinct areas will no longer be implemented on 1 February.
  • State-wide end of alcohol service is now at 2am unless the venue is within a Safe Night Precinct which ends at 3am.
  • The number of one-off permits allowing trading until 5am is to be cut from 12 to 6 within Safe Night Precincts and use is limited to “special events” yet to be defined by Government.
  • A Ban on the sale of shots and other rapid intoxication high alcohol content drinks after midnight stays.
  • Enforcement of ID scanners within Safe Night Precincts comes into effect from 1 July 2017.

Liquor Licensing Rules will govern what you can and cannot do in your venue – in some parts of Queensland, members of local liquor accords have voluntarily adopted earlier lockout times. If your liquor license has a condition imposing a lockout you must comply with the conditions of your liquor license.

Failure to comply with lockouts could result in penalties of up to $12,190 for licensees or permit holders.

PJT clients can contact our Hotels team for any assistance. Any query on liquor license compliance can always be directed to the department directly at