PJT Philosophy

At PJT we operate a little differently in that we tailor our products and services to your needs.  Whether you're a small start-up or entrepreneur, you're an established business in growth mode, or looking towards succession planning and retirement from your business, PJT is well positioned to assist you reach your goals.   Over time your needs may change, you may need to ramp up and grow, or you may have a mature business and no longer want aggressive growth.   We can match our services to your evolving needs, and we’re here to help at any stage with your business and lifestyle changes to make sure you're getting the returns for your hard work.  At PJT You and Your Business and Lifestyle Goals are our key focus.

Our overarching philosophy is to help businesses and business owners reach their full potential.   As a partner in your business success, we’re a sounding board and guiding hand – we’re there when you need us.   At PJT we look beyond your books, and works with you to determine your business and lifestyle goals, we then work on a plan to help you achieve them.  Our aim is to provide you with the tools and services, and assist with all financial decisions so that you can successfully achieve your goals and therefore have a better quality of life.   Thus our position of Business + Lifestyle = Success.

PJT Accountants and Business Advisors is a pro-active firm that is committed to truly understanding your business and goals to ensure we give you every chance to maximise your business, lifestyle and success.

Our highly experienced Advisors spend a great deal of time in the field with our clients, really getting to understand their business, their processes, staffing and procedures, so we can help streamline and improve their business practices and profitability.

We offer complete, flexible solutions to ensure that your personal and business wealth is secure.

We are experts in taxation and compliance, and we have a very strong focus on business development strategies, financial planning, wealth creation and superannuation strategies which are designed to add specific value to you, your business, your family and lifestyle.

Here are a few reasons why PJT is the perfect partner for your business:

We’ve built this firm to be client centric…

Every member of the PJT team performs to a set of Service Standards – they’re called the PJT Ten Commandments.  It’s our guiding light and something each team member is held accountable to. It forms part of the PJT Philosophy.   From the outset, we outline our firm’s commitment to you and what we expect from our clients, as for any relationship to prosper there needs to be common ground.

We have a team to support you…

Whether you utilise our compliance, business advice, bookkeeping or online marketing services, PJT has a team of people ready to support you and your business.  So expect to get to know a few people, including accountants, advisors and support staff, as we will be working hard to understand you and your business and how we can help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

We work on a project by project basis…

We don’t charge you every time you pick up the phone, and you won’t see charges for photocopies, faxes etc.  We quote upfront for each project we complete for you, so you'll know what it will cost, what you will receive, and we ask you to sign each agreement before any work starts. We will agree with you up front on payment terms, but you won’t get charged until the job is complete or an agreed milestone has been reached on longer projects.  For your convenience there are a range of payment methods including direct credit, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS and pay-by-the-month credit available.

Technology is our friend…

As a PJT client you’ll have access to our secure online portal, and help to get you started if you’re new to software programs like Xero. We communicate more by email than snail mail and use a range of clever software to make us efficient, which makes doing business with us just that little bit easier.  We have tech support in house so will be there to hand hold if you need a little extra help.

We practise what we preach…

Just as we guide each of our clients’ businesses, we plan for our success.  PJT has a 10 year business plan, updated annually and communicated to all our team.  We have quarterly innovation days to stop and review what we do and how we do it to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of best practice in delivery of products and services to our clients. Each team member has bi-monthly KPI’s and report at our weekly meetings on how they’re going, and we have quick 10 minute morning huddles so each member of our team knows what our daily priorities are and which clients we’re assisting that day.

When you visit, enjoy the creature comforts…

When you visit our offices, enjoy free onsite parking, free client WiFi, custom made hot and cold beverages, complimentary mints, you won’t even need to bring writing paper.

We make changing to PJT easy…

When you change to us, there is a little paperwork to authorise us to represent you with ASIC and the ATO, but our experienced Admin Support Crew will make the transition easy and take you through step by step. Learn more about how easy it is to change here.

Access to Directors…

Jodie Thompson and Wayne Patten have firm commitments to each and every client – and they make sure the entire PJT team is delivering on our promises.

Jodie is in personal contact with many clients, so from time to time you may get a call for your input and feedback, in her drive to constantly improve PJT.   “We need to make sure we’re delivering what we say, and I encourage clients to give feedback good and bad, as not only does it tell our team where we’re doing well, but it gives us areas to improve on – something every business strives to do.”

Wayne Patten spends most of his time in the field with clients, actively working on their business and helping them improve their bottom line and efficiencies.  This helps give Wayne and our team an intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses and helps us deliver much better services to them.

We appreciate your trust…

We appreciate the trust you have instilled in our team to manage your compliance and help grow your business.  We truly appreciate your business, and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.   Any colleague you refer to us is greatly appreciated and you can rest assured they will receive the same high level of service and attention we give to you.

What Clients Say...

  • "PJT has always provided exceptional accounting service and advice relating to business operation, planning, taxation, investment and more."

  • "The principals and staff are always approachable and display a sincerity in your business and situation."

  • "PJT have made our life of running our own business much easier, knowing they are up to date with the latest in tax laws, and happy to help out with any queries we have not matter how small."

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