Make a Change

Change is an inherant part of life.   The world is continually evolving, and business owners need to embrace change in business and life.

Whether you’re looking to make a change in your Sunshine Coast business, or in your lifestyle, change can be intimidating.  It’s wise to seek the right advice to ensure your plans are sound and you’ve planned for any contingency.  If you’re looking to start a new business or buy an existing business, PJT Accountants & Business Advisors can help guide you in your choices.  From ensuring the business or industry suits your lifestyle, you have the right skills or can develop these so your business will thrive, and you’re buying or establishing the right type of business.

PJT Business Advisors Sunshine Coast can undertake a full market analysis for new business startups, or full due diligence on a business you’re thinking of buying.  This independent review will give you the information you need to make sensible choices for your future.  Too many business owners have gone into business with romantic notions of what it will be like only to discover after a year or two they’ve made the wrong choice.  Upfront planning and investigation will ensure you’re going in with your eyes open, and the business you’re starting or buying is financially viable.  After all, it’s a big investment in time and money and it has to pay off.

Start a Business

New business startups are exciting, but can be overwhelming. PJT Accountants & Business Advisors can help establish you in the right business structure and help with application and registration of such things like your business name, Company, ABN, domain, specialty licenses. We can assist with market analysis and business plans, and ensure you’re protected with insurance and the right financial advice.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can never start too soon. Whether you’re in an industry superfund or looking to establish your own self managed superfund, PJT Sunshine Coast accountants and Business Advisors can help guide your choices to make the most of your savings. We can advise on the transition to retirement and other tax strategies to minimise your payable tax and improve your retirement earnings.

Buy a Business

Buying a business can be an easier transition, given the business is established and trading. Ensuring the Sunshine Coast business is valued correctly, the market opportunities exist to support and expand the business, and that the business suits the lifestyle of you and your family are important pre-purchase questions which could save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

Succession Planning

If it’s time to take a step back and hand over the reins, PJT can help guide the process. Whether you’re a family business and handing over to a family member, or hiring a replacement so you can take a step back, PJT can guide you to make the process seamless and ensure your choices are backed by sound advice.

Sell your Business

If it’s time to transition out of your business, you want to ensure you get the highest possible purchase price and have an easy sale. PJT can assist you with development of sales financials, valuations, and ensuring your processes and procedures are documented to make the process turn-key.

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