The end of financial year rush is over and many businesses may be experiencing a short quiet period before, all too soon, the Christmas busy season comes around.  While business might be quiet, you are still needing to meet your fixed costs and pay your permanent staff.  This begs the question, how do you best capitalise on your employee’s excess capacity?  See below for some top tips:

Have some fun

Your staff work hard for you all year round, now is a great time to show them your appreciation without it effecting business productivity.  As a bonus, this can have the impact of boosting staff morale and reducing staff turnover.

Staff Holidays

Encourage your staff to take holidays during the quiet period or implement HR policies such as time in lieu as an incentive for staff to work additional hours in the busy season.

Work on your business

Now is the perfect opportunity to step back and work on the business rather than in the business.  Reflect on the year gone by and consider how you can create greater efficiencies and improve performance in the year to come.  What can your staff do now to make everyone’s job easier down the track.  Schedule in staff training and develop and implement any new procedures before the busy season chaos ensues.

Relationship Management.

Take the time to touch base with your key customers, suppliers and referrers and to further build your networks.  The focus does not have to be ‘strictly business’.  You may not be able to charge for it, but the goodwill generated more than often pays for itself.