Small to Medium Businesses

At PJT we help businesses and business owners reach their full potential.  The needs of Small to Medium Business are quite varied, and are determined very much by the industry, location, size of business, key players in the business, as well as expertise products and cashflow to move your business forward into a new phase of growth.

We services businesses of all sizes, so if you’re a new startup or small business who only needs their annual financials and tax returns done, then we can provide this at a cost effective price.

If you’re a SME and you’re looking to expand to take your business to the next level, or perhaps you’re going through a change in the business - heading in a new direction and need guidance or looking to transition out of your business, then the advisory team at PJT are ready and able to assist with your needs.

At PJT, we help businesses and business owners to reach their potential and will tailor our services to meet your needs.  Whether your business is big or small, PJT can assist with your compliance or provide the advice key to helping your business soar.   Call us for a no-obligation discussion over what you’re looking for.

Increasing Profits

Increasing your average sale and number of transactions

Improving Cash flow

Make your business more valuable and profitable and undertake "what if" scenarios through cash flow forecasting software.

Managing Margins

Understanding the true performance of the business

Operating Under the Right Structure

Advising on the best financial structure for your business and family circumstances.

Strategic / Business Planning

Planning is the first key step in ensuring your business is heading in the right direction, and planning for a successful outcome.

Asset Protection

Ensuring you have the correct type and level of insurances, disaster management and contingency plans in place, and your personal assets are protected no matter what the future brings.

Managing Your Finance

Selecting the best finance option, reviewing and renegotiating finance.

Superannuation & Succession Planning

SMSF options, handing over the reigns, selling the business, exit to retirement strategies


As a business owner, the best decisions are about choosing how you can be most productive. Having the right information at hand is key to making good business decisions. Outsourcing your bookkeeping could be a good way to cost efficiently get this information while you focus on other areas of your business.


POS, Accounting and Banking software and selecting the best one for you business.

If you need help in driving your business forward, or want a fresh set of eyes to review your circumstances, schedule a no obligation confidential chat with one of our advisors today.

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