Hotels & Liquor Stores

PJT - Specialised Accountants for the hotel, pub, club and liquor store sectors.


At PJT, we are much more than your typical accountants. We have our specialist Hotels Division headed by Wayne Patten, himself a hotelier with over 20 years industry experience.

PJT Hotels Division offers specialist advice to the hotel, pub, club and liquor store / bottle shop. We have many such clients and have developed specialised skills in managing the unique needs of this industry.

Wayne and his team offer a variety of services to hotels, pubs, clubs, liquor stores and motel providers, and will ensure you get the results you want. Some areas they can help you in include:

Increasing Profits

Increasing your average sale and number of transactions

Improving Cash Flow

Make your business more valuable and profitable and undertake "what if" scenarios through cash flow forecasting software

Managing Margins

Understanding the true performance of the business

Operating under the Right Structure

Advising on the best financial structure for your business and family circumstances

Leveraging Supplier Relationships

Taking advantage of supplier discounts, bulk purchasing and rebates

Managing Your Finance

Selecting the best finance option, reviewing and renegotiating finance

Successful Gaming

How to best manage your gaming setup


POS, Accounting and Banking software and selecting the best one for your business

Superannuation and Succession Planning

SMSF options, handing over the reigns, selling the business, exit to retirement strategies

Our advisory experts guarantee to go the extra mile. In addition to making sure you have accurate figures, they examine all the areas that make your business a success. So if you want a specialist accountant with plenty of hands on experience, contact Wayne Patten and his team today.

What Client's Say

"Wayne and his team at PJT are still providing me with innovative advice which has given me the confidence to make positive game-changing decisions and take my business to the next level."

- Sean Haydock, owner of Crown Hotel Innisfail (Full Testimonial)

"Thanks to Wayne Patten and the team at PJT Accountants & Business Advisors, they helped me restore sanity when all around seemed like it was getting too hard. PJT seemed to know when to press which buttons and what the market was doing before it knew itself. This is evident by the way Hotel Brokers who know Wayne talk about him and ring for advice from time to time. You know you mean something to an advisor when he turns up just days after a fire which wipes out a Bottle Shop at Christmas time! Would your advisor do that for you?"

Rod Henrich, previous owner of Whitebull Tavern, Roma

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