Craft Beer, Distilling, Winemaking

PJT provides specialist assistance to the boutique alcohol manufacturing industry

The Craft Beer, Distilling and Winemaking Industry is one of the fastest growing segment in the hospitality industry

The Craft Alcohol Industry is growing at an increasing rate each year, with craft beer, craft spirits and winemakers all making their mark on the Australian independent industry.

Whilst some can turn their dream into a winning business, we encourage prospective entrepreneurs to be well informed on the demands, administration and costs associated with such a venture.  The alcohol production and distribution industries are highly regulated in Australia, and navigating these requirements on your own can prove difficult.

PJT Advisors are well versed in understanding the requirements and pressures of industry startups, and can guide you on the industry, the licensing administrative and taxation requirements, and how to plan for success with your new venture.

We offer an overview of the industry advice and licensing requirements on our website, but encourage you to make an appointment with our industry advisors to have an indepth discussion.

Industry Overview:

There are, broadly speaking, three different types of alcohol sold (and taxed) in Australia –

  • Distilled (which include spirits),
  • Fermented (such as wine, cider and port); and
  • Brewed (most notably in Australia beer).

Alcohol content – even within a specific category – varies significantly by product. However, broadly speaking they break down in the following way –


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Craft Beer Making



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