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PJT Accountants and Business Advisors are a pro-active firm that is committed to truly understanding your business and goals to ensure we give you every chance to maximise your business, lifestyle and success.

At PJT we operate a little differently.  We look beyond your books to determine your business and lifestyle goals, then work on a plan to help you achieve them. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and services, and assist with all financial decisions so that you can successfully achieve your goals and have a better quality of life.

At PJT, we don’t charge you every time you pick up the phone, and you won’t see charges for photocopies or faxes etc.  At PJT we quote our clients upfront for each project we complete for you, whether this be restructuring your entities, or completing your financials.  This way you know what the cost will be, what you receive in return, and we agree up front the payment terms.  Before any work starts, we ask you to sign our project quote which outlines all of this. You won’t get charged until either the job is complete or an agreed project milestone has been reached, or if the job is stopped or delayed we may issue a progress invoice for work done to date, but we’ll let you know this in advance. For your convenience, there are a range of payment methods available, including direct deposit, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS, and pay by the month credit available.

Delivering on our philosophy means a commitment from both parties – in creating our firm, we created a set of service standards and commitments.

We offer a commitment to all our clients, and we ask them to commit to us in the same way.

Our commitment to you

We are confident in offering you a professional service exceeding your expectations. For this relationship to work most effectively, it requires two sets of commitments – yours and ours. We take these commitments seriously and invite you to do the same, so that we can maximise the benefits of our service to you. Our commitment to you includes:

  • To hold all personal, business, taxation & finance information about you & yours in the strictest of confidence. We will not disclose any information relating to your affairs to any third party without your consent, unless required by law. You may provide us with permission to disclose your confidential information in certain circumstances, or place conditions on the disclosure of certain confidential information. If you do so, we will have permission to disclose the relevant information accordingly, in the performance of our services, unless you instruct us otherwise in writing.
  • To return calls, emails & requests for information from you, where possible within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • To notify you of any unexpected issues that may arise which may vary this quotation and discuss with you the options available to you and any additional costs.
  • To advise you of when you will have the work finalised and presented to you.
  • To discuss the progress of your business and advise you of any recommendations.
  • To always look out for your best interest by ensuring that all your personal & business affairs are addressed and taken care of by way of quality affiliated associates who specialise in Wills, Insurances, Finance, Superannuation and Investments.
  • To act in your best interest is subject to an overriding obligation to comply with the law. For example, we could not lodge an income tax return for you that we knew to be false in a material respect. Our advice and/or services will be based on Australian taxation law in force at the date of the provision of the advice and/or services. It is your responsibility to seek updated advice if you intend to rely on our advice at a later stage.

The Commitment we ask our Clients

  • Our team of Accountants will not start a job until all necessary papers for that work have been received.
  • It is our aim to provide expert, timely and professional service.  To enable us to provide this level of service it is important that you provide us with quality and relevant information when requested.
  • To notify us of any issues, discrepancies or grievances you may have as soon as they arise so that we have the chance to rectify them immediately. Inaccurate, incomplete or late information could have a material effect on our services and/or our conclusions and may result in additional fees. We will not verify the underlying accuracy or completeness of information you provide to us.
  • You agree that the performance of our services is dependent on the performance of your obligations relating to disclosure and record keeping.
  • You are also required to advise us if you become aware of any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest. For example, changes to your business circumstances, events affecting your family (e.g. death and/or marriage breakdown) or a legal action commencing against you.
  • To pay our fees within or before our payment terms.
  • Our business depends upon referrals to grow and prosper.  If we do a good job for you, we ask that you refer at least one other person to us, who you believe could benefit from the association.

What Clients Say...

  • "PJT has always provided exceptional accounting service and advice relating to business operation, planning, taxation, investment and more."

  • "The principals and staff are always approachable and display a sincerity in your business and situation."

  • "PJT have made our life of running our own business much easier, knowing they are up to date with the latest in tax laws, and happy to help out with any queries we have not matter how small."

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