Hotel Industry Calculators

Making decisions on your sell price and promotional bundles can be a daunting task. Being able to quickly calculate to achieve the right product margin is a great tool to any business. We have developed a range of calculators specifically aimed at the hotelier market to enable you to calculate your basic gross profit, calculate the impact discounting a product will have on your sales, the impact of offering bonus stock, and mixed promotions.

The following calculators are available for you to use, if you’re uncertain as to how to calculate something or need more specialist advice, please contact our Hotels team for a confidential discussion.

Bonus Stock Calculator

The Bonus Stock Calculator helps you determine the true cost of giving bonus products with a minimum purchase i.e. buy 10 get 1 free. Simply enter your unit quantity required, the number of bonus units a customer would receive, and the cost per unit. By adjusting the sell price, you can determine the impact on your gross profit.

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Discount Effect Calculator

The Discount Effect Calculator helps you determine the impact of Discounting on your bottom line. Enter your current sell price and the discount you are considering offering customers. The calculator will show your new selling price, and the gross margin, and the increase in sales required to maintain this figure. You’ll quickly know how many sales you need to make the discount work for your business.

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Retail Calculator

The Retail Calculator enables you to calculate any variable by entering two conditions at a time. For example, enter your Cost Price and Sell Price, and the calculator will provide your Margin % and Margin $. Enter your Cost Price and Margin %, and the calculator will provide the required Sell Price and Gross Margin $ for that scenario.

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Split Pack Calculator

The Split Pack Calculator allows you to quickly determine the gross profit of singles, 6 packs, or cases of units at a set unit cost. By understanding the impact on your gross profit, you’re able to determine what your sell price needs to be to achieve the profit you want.

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