Coming in to the festive season, a timely reminder of the tougher penalties for irresponsible service of alcohol by licensed venues in Queensland.

This is clearly a government drive to reduce the harm associated with excessive consumption of alcohol and alcohol fuelled violence, and the health risks associated with underage alcohol consumption. We all have a part to play, and licensees need to understand their role and ensure staff are complying with the license requirements.

Penalties for irresponsible service of alcohol in Queensland:

As a liquor licensee, you, your staff and your patrons can be penalised under the Liquor Act 1992 for breaches of responsible service of alcohol.

Legislation requires that penalties are calculated by the amount of penalty units relating to each particular offence. The value of each penalty unit is $117.80 (current from 1 July 2015).

In addition to monetary penalties, recurrent breaches can also result in:

  • mandatory suspension of licence - if a licensee is convicted of 2 offences in relation to minors or intoxicated persons within a 2 year period the licence will be automatically suspended
  • impact on annual fees - a licensee's compliance history, including some infringement notices and some prosecutions will be considered in risk assessments for annual fees.

Condition of License

Identification Checking


Unduly Intoxicated Patrons

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