Changes to Electronic Gaming Machine Licenses in NSW 

NSW Government will now cap the number of EGM’s in select high risk communities (such as south west suburb of Fairfield) as new gaming reforms are rolled out.

The changes are in response to community concerns over the number of electronic gaming machines in some areas.   In target areas these numbers will be capped, ensuring no new machines can move into these high risk areas.

Other reforms to be implemented include an overhaul of the Local Impact Assessment scheme which regulates gaming machine movements.  This will ensure a higher level of transparency and community consultation is conducted.

Another change which will benefit country pubs is the ability to lease out their gaming entitlements which will generate ongoing income for the pub.  Previously when pubs hit hard times they would be forced to sell off their gaming assets, now they can rent them out and still retain ownership of the assets.

A snapshot of the changes includes:

  • LIA assessments will now use ABS statistical zones, capping vulnerable areas.
  • Increased community consultation during the LIA process, and longer consultation times
  • Responsible Gambling Fund mandate that funds are to be spent locally
  • New leasing scheme for gaming machines held by small hotels and clubs, providing income without divesting these assets, and a new pathway for them to go machine-free
  • A tenfold increase in fines for wagering operators offering illegal inducements
  • Post-employment cooling-off period for senior NSW Liquor & Gaming Staff
  • Modernised regulation for casinos that is consistent between venues

If you’d like further information on how this may impact your hotel, please reach out to PJT’s Director and head of Hotels Division Wayne Patten on 07 5413 9300.