The Hotel and Liquor Industry is rife with change.  The expectations on Owners and Operators has never been higher, and many struggle with issues like staffing, increased competition, alcohol discounting, cashflow issues, increased regulation and more.

Club4Pubs is an exclusive mentoring service developed specifically for hoteliers, pub, club and liquor store owners. Pooling expertise and resources from legal, broking, finance, systems, licensing, insurance and accounting services, the Club will offer expert advice to overcome industry and individual business issues relating to the industry.

Small groups are invited to participate in quarterly half or full day coaching sessions on a range of issues including:

  • Cashflow
  • Gaming
  • POS Systems
  • Margin Analysis
  • Marketing and Measuring Campaign Performance
  • HR and Employee Contracts and Relations
  • Valuations - Buying a Business / Preparing to Sell
  • Finance - Types / Risks / Contract Requirements
  • Legal risks - Buying / Selling / Contracts
  • Insurance - Business, Professional, Public Liability, Personal
  • Legislation Issues, Liquor Licensing, Safe Night Strategy Implementation
  • Future Planning - Retirement, SMSF, Exiting the Business, Succession Planning
  • Taxation, Accounting, Structure Advice

Our aim is to form a group of hotel, club, pub and liquor store owners who will share their experiences in operating their businesses. The group will meet face-to-face where they get to share their best practices while being guided by hotel experts, Wayne Patten and Ravi Sharma and Industry Expert Guest Speakers on a range of specialised topics.

Wayne, himself a hotel, liquor store and motel owner, shares how to improve every aspect of business and source the right expertise when needed. The Club aims for its members to be able to operate more efficiently and grow their businesses by applying the learning from the group and the industry experts brought in to advise.

Visit Club4Pubs website here.

What Clients Say...

  • "PJT has always provided exceptional accounting service and advice relating to business operation, planning, taxation, investment and more."

  • "The principals and staff are always approachable and display a sincerity in your business and situation."

  • "PJT have made our life of running our own business much easier, knowing they are up to date with the latest in tax laws, and happy to help out with any queries we have not matter how small."

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