From 1 Sept 2017, businesses are banned from charging a surplus charge to their customers, on credit card and EFTPOS transactions.

The ban does not affect businesses who choose not to apply a surcharge to payments.

This ban restricts the amount a business can charge customers for using EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards issued by Australian banks.

Businesses must now only pass on what it costs them to use the service – for example if a business’s cost of Visa Credit is 1.5%, then consumers can only be charged 1.5% on any payment made using a Visa Card.

If businesses want to apply just one standard credit card cost to their business, they must select the lowest surcharge being charged to them – for example if their cost for Visa is 1%, Amex is 2.5%, Mastercard 2% then the surcharge would be 1% as this is the lowest amount they are charged by their credit suppliers.

Information has been published to help businesses, by the ACCC and can be found here: