Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma

Associate and Business Advisor

Area of Expertise: Taxation and Business advice, Specialist Hotels Advisor

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce, Chartered Accountant.

Career Overview: Ravi commenced working as a Public Accountant in July 2000. He has worked for PJT since 2003, with the exception of an 18 month working holiday in 2007 based in Wales (UK) where he performed a Commercial Accounting role with Lloyds TSB Insurance. Ravi returned to PJT in 2008 and works closely with Wayne Patten and various hotel clients honing his skills for the pub, liquor store, club and motel clients he serves.

Life Outside PJT: Ravi enjoys travelling and sports, mainly cricket, soccer, golf and fishing, and is very family focussed on his lovely wife Sarah, and three children Sophie, Matilda, and Danny.

Quote: Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

My Philosophy

I always say business owners will make the best decision they can with the information they have at hand. My role is to ensure my clients have that information, so they can make the right decision for themselves, their business and their families.

How I Work

There are two things which in my experience are key to all things:  relationships and knowledge.   Developing good relationships in life leads to happiness, whether they are personal or professional the philosophy is the same.  Developing strong and trusted relationships with business colleagues, suppliers and customers is key to developing a strong business. For me, developing strong relationships with my clients leads me to better help them, because I understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, I know how best to support them, and I inherently know where they’re born to succeed.

Knowledge and education is key to growth.  This value has been instilled in me, and it’s something I work with for my clients as well.  The more informed they are on their business, and the more knowledge they have, the better armed they are to make good decisions.   It’s a simple viewpoint, but it takes hard work to get the right information so clients make the right choices for themselves.   I’ve worked across a broad range of industries in two continents, and have seen first-hand when business owners have those light bulb moments, which can revolutionise their business and their lives.  It’s these moments I relish, as it can have huge impacts on the lives of their entire family and their future.

I connect with people, and in turn I help them to make their lives better.  Whether that’s growing their business, making a change and exiting their business, planning for their next step taking a risk and heading their business in a new direction, or transitioning their business because the market has evolved.   What drives me is my clients’ success and it always will be.


My Advice for Business

  • Be informed, understand the figures in your business so you can better understand what drives it.   Having a cashflow analysis is crucial as cashflow is vital for business growth.
  • Understand your market and your competitors, take the time to keep informed on what’s happening globally in your market so you can react to market changes quickly.
  • Understand your customers and what’s unique about your business to them, improve this year on year and you’ll have customers for life.
  • Choose an advisor / accountant who is as passionate and invested about your success as you are.   A good sounding board for business owners is crucial to progression.
  • If your only strategy for growth is working longer and harder, it’s not sustainable long term.  Something needs to change.

What My Clients Say

“Ravi helped us to build our wealth and create a better quality of live for our retirement. We are forever grateful.”

“Ravi gave us excellent advice in setting up our company, and with the sale of our business.”

“Ravi helped me with the setup and transfer of our new hotel, his help during the first few weeks was invaluable.”

“Restructuring our business and superannuation helped us buy our commercial property and save $60k annually. Thanks Ravi for all you have done.”