Every business has internal clients. While we all might initially think of a customer as being someone who pays your business for goods or services, many businesses forget their “internal clients” and how integral they are to the supply chain.

Good business owners understand the value of internal and external clients, and are placing equal value on both for the success of the business.

Internal customers are your employees, those helpful souls inside the business that are integral to delivering your products or services – and they can be the most influential to clients’ attitudes towards your brand.

Employees can have a positive impact on your relationship with your clients, and the more friendly and willing they are to assist your clients and go the extra mile, the bigger the impact on repeat business and referrals.

Understanding how teams work well together, and having good communication is vital to productivity and creating a great company culture where people work together for the benefit of the customer and the business.

Identifying each team member’s strengths and ensuring they are working to those strengths within their job is an important element in keeping staff motivated and engaged. They say it takes all types to make the world whole, the same is said in business. Think about those responsible for sales and marketing in your business – they are a particular personality type and the business would be lost without them playing to their

strengths, but put them in charge of the accounting and the business would come to a screaming halt.

Having employees use their strengths is important, and understanding each of your employees better can help you to increase staff retention and hopefully grow your business and productivity. There are a variety of personality profiling tools available, and we’ve included one on our website which is free – why not get your staff to conduct a personality test and see if they’re who you think!? You can find the link here.

Leading or managing the multiple personality types can sometimes be difficult for managers and owners, especially if they are different from their own. It is important to identify the most effective way of communicating within the team, so you’re all on the same page. Sometimes this means communicating with personality types in different ways.

It is also important to understand what the employees want from you as owners of your business and how you can support one another to take the business forward.

Good managers have these personality traits in common: being available, positive, inspiring, reliable and honest. Have you asked your staff what would assist them to do their job better? Have you asked your team for suggestions on how the business could run more efficiently, or ideas on

how to bring in new business? Good managers also know the next great idea can come from anywhere!

By including your team and being open to implementing good suggestions, it could not only work towards improving the communication and comradery within the business but make it a more positive place that clients want to return to again and again.

If you’d like help in developing a good team culture in your business, reach out to your trusted PJT Advisor.