Your venue can be a powerful playground capable of enticing customers to buy a particular brand of product. To reinforce this customer perception, brands use visual collaterals such as posters and banners. This is where you can take advantage and take it to the next level.

As your store probably carries multiple brands, it can’t be help that you have actually have competition going on. One liquor brand would obviously want to increase their sales inside your venue compared to their competing brand.

Selling Your Store Space

Those walls, the floor, the cashier stand, the door, that particular corner has the potential to generate ad revenue. While suppliers and manufacturers would probably not pay that much given that you’d still post their materials one way or another, you can still try. You can position these spaces as “advantage points”. If you have a developed in-store flow of your foot traffic, you’d have a basis for offering such “advantage points”. These areas are where customers pass through or stay most of the time.


The floor is also a possible ad space. You see it in other department stores, arrows pointing to their “beneficial” product.


Using Digital Signage

Digital signage is becoming more common. Advertisers, marketers and brands realise that people love to be presented with things visually. In-store digital signage take posters and banners to a whole new level and can really build a brand’s equity.


Grocery retailers have been selling their promotional space for years – there’s a precedent for liquor stores and hoteliers to do the same to offer brands a captive market. If you’d like to discuss this strategy further, talk to our hotels industry specialist team at PJT.