In an aim to spur business competitiveness and productivity, the Australian Government is offering its latest round of Entrepreneurs' Programme Grants, under the National Innovation and Science Policies.

Business Growth Grants form part of this policy and provide business with up to $20,000 (excluding GST) to engage a service provider to help implement growth strategies in your business. The grant of up to $20,000 covers half the cost of the provided services.

The grant’s objectives are to support business improvement projects, and improve the abilities and skills of your business.

To be eligible, businesses must have received a business evaluation report or action plan through the Entrepreneurs Program within the last 6 months. If you’ve not yet undertaken this stage, we’ve outlined below the options.

Option 1: Business Evaluation

Experienced Business Advisers review business operations, including business direction and strategy to provide an Evaluation Report which includes business improvement suggestions.
A Business Adviser will:
• come to your business premises to gather information about your business
• undertake further research and analyse the information off-site
• prepare a tailored Business Evaluation Action Plan outlining strategies your business can take to become more competitive, improve and grow.

When you are ready to apply the strategies, the Business Adviser will coach and mentor you for up to twelve months.
To find out more and to apply, go to Business Evaluation.

Option 2: Supply Chain Facilitation

Supply Chain Facilitation offers your business practical ways to:
• connect with, and supply existing and new markets
• provide you with project opportunities.

At no cost to your business, a skilled Business Adviser or Business Facilitator will work closely with your suppliers and customers to:
• strengthen your supply chain
• improve your ability to access new markets.

To find out more and to apply, go to Supply Chain Facilitation.

Option 3: Growth Services

A Growth Services engagement will enable your business to identify and capitalise on growth opportunities more rapidly, easily, and capably, with less risk. The engagement will help your business build the capacity to accelerate growth.

At no charge to you, a Business Adviser will:
• develop a Growth Plan to help you reach your growth opportunity
• provide support, advice and mentoring to build the necessary capabilities, culture, strategies and connections for growth
• facilitate access to relevant advice, networks and knowledge
• help maintain your growth momentum through regular meetings and follow-up.

To find out more and to apply, go to Growth Services.

Option 4: Tourism Partnerships

Brings together tourism businesses that offer complementary products or services. Businesses must be located and/or have their main operations in Northern Australia (north of Rockhampton).
The service will help businesses to reach their potential and achieve benefits that they might not have access to on their own.
To find out more, and to apply, go to Northern Australia Tourism Initiative.

Talk to your PJT advisor on how to access the grants, or go to the Dept of Industry Innovation and Science link on Business Growth Grants.