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Changing accountants is never an easy decision.  Many business owners feel that their accountant has been with them for years, and no-one will know my business as well as they do.  That's just not the case.

A skilled accountant / advisor is an adept business professional, who will be able to quickly grasp the financials of your business by looking at your books.   An advisor who asks the right questions and gets to know your business and your lifestyle goals, can be integral in helping you plan your next steps, matching their services to your needs.   After all, your needs may change over time, and the services may need to be scaled up or down to suit you.

Above all, you should feel comfortable with your accountant.  They should be well suited to your business, your industry, and your philosophy and provide a range of services tailored to meet your needs as they change.

•    If you’re a newer business in growth phase, then you might need extra help to boost your business growth.
•    If you’re a well established business, you may want to invest in new technology to make the business more efficient, you may want to expand, franchise, or look at exporting.
•    If your business is mature and you’re starting retirement planning, you may be looking at succession planning or selling and exiting the business.

If you need more assistance than you’re currently getting, or your accountant is not reviewing your business needs and this is something you want, then it might be time for a change.


The process of changing to PJT is really simple. Firstly we’ll meet with you and discuss your needs. We’ll look at your business, your lifestyle goals and what your future plans are.

We’ll outline our services and how we work. If you’re happy and think we’ll be a good fit, then you don’t even need to speak to your old accountant. We can manage the transition for you.

Our transition team will prepare the documentation needed and liaise with your old accountant on your behalf. Once we have access to your accounting file we’ll do a full review of the data, and plan the next steps in partnership with you.

Our team is keen to get to know you and your business, so we can help you meet challenges head on.

Contact us today and schedule a no-obligation confidential discussion, and see what you could be missing.

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What Clients Say...

  • "PJT has always provided exceptional accounting service and advice relating to business operation, planning, taxation, investment and more."

  • "The principals and staff are always approachable and display a sincerity in your business and situation."

  • "PJT have made our life of running our own business much easier, knowing they are up to date with the latest in tax laws, and happy to help out with any queries we have not matter how small."